Drill Day Training

Warm up:

1 Lap
1 Lap

Drill 1:  Accuracy

Standing still, Start with gun at start box.  Pull up and shoot 1 ball at cone (around midfield mark)

Drill 2: Sliding

Lateral Slide

Drill 3: Breakout

Short Burst Break

Drill 4: Conditioning

Greenspan Conditioning

Drill 5: Circuit Drill

Start from start box.  Move to "Baby" Snap your mirror.  Then Move to "God" while looking inside and diving.  Shoot Inside towards home and bump to Snake.  Snap shoot tape to mirror then Snap to middle of field.

Living Room Workout:

*Active warmup* 2 min (jumping jacks, stretching)
  1. Burpies without the pushups 8-15
  2. Oblique toe taps 10-20
  3. tricep pushups 8-12
  4. Squats 20-30
  5. Assisted hand stands 10-20

Going to NXL: Texas open

Tomorrow, I'll be going to my first national paintball event.  I haven't been playing paintball long, only a little longer than a year, but this could be the coolest thing ever.  We're playing in the D4 Race to division.  Who would have thought I would be here, when I first started playing?

PCOC Practice feb 21st 2016

I'm back!  My very very horrible schedule of pictures/videos.  I am working on doing my videos.

But, someone took these photos of me so I thought I would share from this past Sunday's practice.

Some pictures of this last event.

I like the pictures with the background is black and white and the item/person is in color.. So I do them.

Some of my Buddy's Eric

Here's the only one I've done of myself so far.

Updated review of the Shocker RSX

I have had some time with my Shocker RSX.  I thought it would be a good time to provide more details about it.

My first gripe I had it with it was the reg, it's way too small without a reg grip.  So if you plan on buying one, just go ahead and get a grip to go along with it.  This marker is really light and feels good in the hands.  I have played with luxes, lv1, clone gti, egos, geos, and more markers and I have to say this is my favorite marker to date.

Something to watch out for is the back cap on the bolt is that if it's unscrewed you'll still be able to shoot (it'll let you shoot a few then stop)  but you just have to screw it back it and you'll set.  I have never pressed the button while I have played to push it out, so that shouldn't be a concern.

It's easy to change settings and has everything you would like.  It's even more incredible that it retails at $800.

I have enjoyed using this marker these pass couple of months and look forward to using it more in the next season.

(only upgrades is the DWCF barrel Tip)

Now I decided to duracoat it.  I also have a TFX but it's currently being worked on.

If you have any questions please comment below.